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CASHE - "LUXURY RAP" for Hip-Hop in it's most Impoverished state of mind​​​​​​​

In 2016 Cashe was presented to one of the largest international artist known in the world. Kevin Lyttle’s label, Tarakon Records, decided to bring him aboard and CASHE became the first Hip-hop Urban American artist signed to Kevin Lyttle’s Label, Tarakon Records /Sony Music. He made his debut with his single “Ring The Alarm” Feat. Kevin Lyttle himself. What started out as a dream for CASHE, is becoming his reality. He’s an artist so passion about his craft that he’d continue writing and recording music, even if it doesn’t come with a paycheck.

Listening to Cashe’s “Luxury Rap” album was like a musical outer body experience into a super hero multi-verse of infinite gold & diamond music. Quite honestly I was pleasantly surprised with the deepness of the art displayed on this album. For an artist that has been so overlooked and underrated for choosing a lane so different in Hip-Hop, I'm further impressed by the willpower to resist the pressure of being forced into mainstream rap. In a hip-Hop world where your either a mumble rapper or a twerk god for Trap, the whole vibe of this album was different. Songs on the album like "First Time" and "44 Prod" showed his complete ability to mesh the classic purity of Hip-Hop with the all the best of 2019 and beyond. His illustrious combinations of classic sounds mixed with eloquent, deep thought-provoking, conscious rap, with a severe case of street knowledge makes this album, my favorite Hip-Hop album, of the 2019.

CASHE’s mission is to inspire those who need it and those with dreams, big or small.  “I’m a dreamer and I’m going to keep dreaming.” — Cashe

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About #RDSL

By Taylor Estape
​​​​​​​It can be cold out there for an independent artist. Whether you're a comedian, a musician, or a poet, finding a scene that accepts and nourishes your craft can feel downright impossible in this city. RocDaStage invites you to the table via the Comedy and Poetry Open Mic Night, which gives local artists an opportunity to not only share but also relax, network, and connect with one another. Comedian Bert Cornelius will host the evening, DJ Lucca Savi will warm up the crowd, and positivity and community will abound. 9 p.m. Saturday at Strega Gastropub, 928 71st St., Miami Beach; 786-216-7196; Tickets cost $5 to $10.​​​​​​​

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